Structural Material Kits (Pre-Pregs, Film Adhesives etc)

We offer full ply generation, shape management and configuration control, life management, cutting and supply service utilising the latest cutting, nesting and identification equipment. Materials can include woven fabrics, unidirectional fabrics, impregnated metallic meshes and film adhesives, and can be sourced from any raw material supplier or combination of suppliers. From individual cut pieces of exotic material to full multi-material kits, we can manufacture any type of kit all under composite cleanroom conditions with the minimum material usage.

Our experience has shown that customers with an on-site ply cutting capability find themselves having to schedule it to match their production requirements rather than to achieve the best material utilisation. As we are fully de-coupled from any day-to-day internal issues within customer production areas, we can better focus on material efficiency, often achieving double digit percentage gains whilst freeing up valuable cleanroom floor space and trained labour in customer cleanroom areas.

With minimum/maximum levels of kits being maintained and checked at customers’ sites, we can also smooth out the demand on raw materials and avoid delays due to stock outs, uncut kits, un-thawed material and usable life remaining. This allows customer focus to be redirected on to their core business (composite part manufacture) whilst Velocity Composites manages a lean, efficient and responsive supply chain.