Honeycomb, Core Potting Compounds and Co-Bonded Materials

In addition to providing a dedicated kitting service for the main structural and ancillary materials, Velocity Composites also kit the remaining items in the build process to provide a “Total Kit”. Velocity Composites have significant experience in managing a whole range of other materials such as metallic and non-metallic honeycomb, foam core, potting compounds and co-bonded materials (Tedlar, copper foils, copper/bronze mesh) and have developed innovative ways of supplying these materials. Examples include:

  • Individual hole potting compound kits
  • Cut shape metallic foils and meshes for lightning strike protection / EMI shielding
  • Inclusive honeycomb and/or foam core products
  • Kitted co-bonded films e.g. Tedlar, FEP, etc.

In the case of Honeycomb core this may already be available in cut shape form, but even in this instance Velocity Composites’ dedicated line-side supply service can procure, inspect and integrate these in order to streamline the supply chain for the customer.

As every component and bill of materials is unique, please contact us to find out how we can help you.