Engineered Vacuum Bag Material Kits

Often overlooked by customers as a source of non-value activity/waste in the composite cleanroom, we have developed a well-proven service of developing and manufacturing a kitted supply service using materials from any material supplier or combination of suppliers. Our service starts with a full tool and process audit to capture the build process and to agree with customer manufacturing teams the approved techniques and bill of materials. Velocity Composites then manages the full new product development process to gain kit approval and sign-off prior to setting up a full line-side minimum/maximum stock management service and any subsequent change management activities.

Products include simple cut shapes, complex cut shapes with identification marks, 3D nylon welded vacuum bags, 3D stitched breather and bleeder packs, laser cut peel ply, reusable debulk systems, edge dams, dedicated vacuum tracks and complex sub-assemblies. As Velocity Composites engineering teams have visibility of the full manufacturing process required by our customers we can develop both the structural material and vacuum bag material kits to complement each other to extract the maximum benefits for our customers.

Once installed, significant reduction in process times and material waste will be achieved whilst making the whole process more repeatable and less operator-dependent. Full traceability is also achieved as the kit batch number allows each item within a kit to be traced back to its parent roll and supplier.

As our engineered kits capture the critical parts of the build process, they also allow for “problem” parts to receive special products/materials without affecting the rest of the cleanroom. Another benefit of our engineered kits is that they allow the streaming of lower specification materials to parts/stages which require less performance e.g. debulk cycles, permitting a whole range of parts to be built in the same cleanroom without the risk of material mixing or over/under specification.

As each kit is different we have many examples of how the process has delivered massive benefits to our customers; please contact us for more information.