About Velocity Composites

Our aim at Velocity Composites is very simple: to reduce the operational costs of our customers by providing engineered kits that reduce all forms of waste from the composites supply chain. This allows our customers to focus on their core business of part manufacture and meet the global challenges around new aircraft programmes, aircraft production rate increases and the cost challenges around the volume growth in aerospace composite materials.

This waste can be in the form of material efficiency, process time, excess stock, logistics and part-to-part variation.

We achieve this by being a world class team of career composites engineers who understand the build process of our customers, who can interpret and understand their requirements and offer proven, scalable and cost effective solutions to reduce operational costs.

Our 100% in-house manufacturing teams then take these requirements and produce engineered kits with an unwavering focus on quality, repeatability and waste reduction.

To underpin these services, we have developed a bespoke MRP/ERP system which has been fully optimised to the materials and industry we operate in, including advanced real time nesting, batch control, life control, material utilisation reports, quality management, machine integration, change management and new product development/introduction.

We have also worked with some of the world’s leading equipment suppliers to develop our process machinery in line with our unique service offering, including:

  • Automated and Semi-automated cutting equipment.
  • Advanced real-time nesting and material control programmes.
  • Fully automated 3 axis conveyor bed cutting machines (knife and driven rotary tools with inkjet printing).
  • Fully automated 3 axis conveyor bed laser cutting for polymer films, fabrics and breathers.
  • Dedicated welding equipment for 3D nylon vacuum bags.
  • Sewing equipment for producing 3D breather, bleeder and fabric assemblies.

Drive Efficiencies With Velocity Composites

Our video demonstrates how working with Velocity Composites can improve productivity and drive efficiencies in composites management.


Full details of our products and the services we offer can be found in our services pages - Structural Material Kits, Engineered Vacuum Bag Material Kits, Honeycomb, Core Potting Compounds and Co-Bonded Materials, Process Optimisation Products, Engineering Support Services and Project Implementation.

The Velocity Approach

  • Total kit provision of any material from any source engineered and delivered directly to the tool in the clean room.
  • Building strong, symbiotic relationships with customers.
  • Servicing customers locally.
  • Reducing waste in all forms (material, process, stock, variation).
  • 100% aerospace, 100% RFT, 100% OTIF.
  • Excellent relationships with material suppliers.
  • Harnessing capacity / scalability of total customer base.