AIM Rule 26

Velocity Composites' compliance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.

Description of Business

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Names of Directors and Biographical Details

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Corporate Governance

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Country of Incorporation and Main Country of Operation

Velocity Composites Plc is incorporated and headquartered in England which is its main country of operation.

Current Constitutional Documents

Velocity Composites Articles of Association

Details of any other exchanges or trading platforms

Velocity Composites Plc is not traded on any exchange or trading platform other than AIM.

Regulation of Mergers and Takeovers

Velocity Composites Plc is subject to the UK city code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Financial Information

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Company announcements

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Last Updated

10th April 2024.

Shareholders required to notify the Company of changes in their interests in the Company’s ordinary shares should send all such notifications to