UK government invests in major aerospace research projects


UK government invests in major aerospace research projects

We were interested to read in the news this week that Airbus UK is to lead on two research projects on behalf of the UK government.

The projects, on advanced wing manufacturing technology and fuel systems, are being funded by the government to the tune of £14million.

One project will look at how to speed up production, reduce weight and costs for the next generation of advanced aircraft wings, while the other will look to reduce maintenance on new aircraft fuel systems.

Beyond these two projects, the government has confirmed its commitment to invest £900 million pounds in aerospace research and development over the next 10 years.

Making the announcement, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills Sajid Javid MP said, "It will help keep our aviation industry… nationally at the top. We can help boost productivity, we can help the industry grow and hire more people."

This investment is fantastic news for the UK aerospace industry. Congratulations to Airbus on their role in the research projects.

We’re interested to discover how the UK government and Airbus intend to flow that investment outside of the large primes. Do you have a view? Join the debate on our LinkedIn company page.


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